Graz, October 23, 2009

More than 251 membersPresident’s Letter # 22
November 16, 2009

To ECPP Board members

Minutes of the Board Meeting

Graz, October 23, 2009

Present: Nicole Aknin (France), Nicole Attali (France), Janko Bohak (Slovenia), Alexander Filts (Ukraine), Barbara Fitzgerald (Scotland), Eugenius Laurinaitis (Lithuania), Tatyana Mizinova (Russia), Ruxandra Nikolae (Romania), Mikhail Reshetnikov (Russia), Adrian Rhodes (UK), Charles Sasse (Belgium).

Were participated partly, as they were participating at the others meetings at the same time: Michel Meignant (France), Alfred Pritz (Austria).

Informed Board members beforehand and absent (valid reasons): Markus Fäh (Switzerland), Andrew Kulikov (Russia), Katharine Reboly (Austria), Sue Sunkel (UK), Elisabeth Vykoukal (Austria), Svetlana Uvarova (Ukraine).

Absent: Janos Harmatta (Hungary), Cornelia Krause-Girth (Germany), Roberto Parrini (Italy).

1. Voting on APTI Code.

The APTI Code was accepted without amendment, but an additional document must be added to the questionnaire summarizing the minimum training program given to trainees.

2. Clarifying the different categories of organizational membership.

Three categories for organizational members were approved:

  • Member (any professional organization which works in the field of psychoanalytic psychotherapy and would like to cooperate with ECPP);
  • Accredited Training Institute (organization which works in accordance with ECPP APTI Code criteria);
  • National Branch (organization which works in accordance with ECPP criteria for National Branch).

3. Membership fee for Member, Accredited Training Institute and National Branches.

It was agreed that:

  • any organization makes decision about level of membership fees itself.
  • Individual members of NB pay their membership fees to this organization (their NB) only.
  • The annual membership fee to ECPP for organization depends on the amount of their members and has been agreed as per table here below
  • The Board agrees that due to specific economical situations in a country, those fees could be reduced providing previous approval by the Board.
More than 251 membersMembership fee (euro) depending on amount of members
Categories of organizational membership less than 50 members 51-100








More than 251 members
Member 250 500 750 1000 1250 1500
Accredited Training Institute 375 750 1000 1500 2000 2500
National Branch 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000

4. Certification fee for individuals - practitioners, training analysts and supervisors.

It was agreed that:
- If a member applies for his statutes successively he pays 100 euros every time.
- If a member applies for 2 or 3 statutes simultaneously (for example, according to Grandparenting program) he pays 100 euros only.

5. Application form NPF-ECPP-Russia for status of Accredited Institute.

This application was presented by the Chair of C& A Committee Charles Sasse after his visit to Russia. Reports were approved with one document missing (addendum to questionnaire) that will be filled in as soon as available. The application was agreed provided this compliance.

The Board salutes the first APTI, while other applications are already in process.

6. Nomination of our EWAO delegates and substitute.

The ECPP Board elected Barbara Fitzgerald as ECPP representative at the EAP Board.

Nikole Aknin was elected as EWAO delegate, with Barbara Fitzgerald as deputy.

7.Conference in Kiev.

Next ECPP conference will be held in Kiev on 24th and -25th September 2010.
The title will be: "Psychoanalysis in Different Countries and its Future:
Problems of Identity".
Organizing Committee: All Board members
Alfred Pritz and Alexander Filts will be key speakers.


8. The French training institute EEPA is applying for APTI statutes. In order to speed up matters, the Board agreed that this application can be voted by mail, as soon as the file has been checked by the C&A Committee.

9. In conformity with accepted decisions some corrections will be made in the texts of the ECPP Code of Internal policies, C & A Code and Application Form etc…These modifications will be presented for approval during next ECPP Board meeting.

10. Application form from Hungarian Jung Institute.

Vice-president Charles Sasse informed that we have received the Application form from Hungarian Jung Institute (Dr. Szombati), but we have no information about membership payment. As soon as ECPP Board (will be) are informed that payment is received the final decision will be accepted.

11. Approval of the certificates for Slovenian members.

All documents for certification were signed for approval by the ECPP Vice–president - Chair of C & A Committee in Portugal and all files are in Vienna. As soon as the ECPP Board are informed that payment is received the final decision will be ratified.

12. Membership Committee.

ECPP President proposed to discuss at the next Board meeting the establishment of a special Membership Committee, as we have a lot of work with new members, certification and accreditation.

13. Next Board Meeting will take place in Vienna on Saturday the 20th February 2010 from 11 am to 01 pm at the EAP venue. Dinner is foreseen in the evening!